學美.美學 國立竹東高級中學

National CTSH:Aesthetic Orientation System Design


This orientation system for National ChuTung Senior High serves a goal to bring aesthetics into educational sites via implementation of design thinking.
Fontana Design seized this “Design Movement on Campus” opportunity, a project given by the Taiwnanese government and set out on a mission to problem-solve the school’s pain point.
A hillside campus without proper orientation guidelines has caused visitors wayfinding troubles for years, therefore the design team plans a new guidance system, defines best locations for all types of signs, and applies principles of subtractive design to create a friendly wayfinding and signage system that communicates fully about the environment.
The key design solution leads to a 2D graphic map enriched by a 3-dimensional-spatial thinking and accordingly responses to visitors’ needs to quickly understand the hillside terrain of campus. Materials of both outdoor and indoor signages echo the sustainable concept of environmental protection. Moreover, by extracting the unique artistic essence found in the school—elements like pure brushstrokes, simple forms, and natural hues of light and shadow, an aesthetic touch was able to be integrated in this wayfinding design. Blending with the environment as one, this new orientation system assists in the matter of wayfinding on campus now and promotes the aesthetic DNA exclusive to the National CTSH to continue.






指標 Wayfinding