Light of CYCU.Aesthetic Wayfinding System 2020

靈感源自中原大學的創校理念「信、望、愛」,團隊轉繹信仰智慧於指標設計,期體現上帝的話指引人生的道路,結合減法設計、美學導入、友善校園與永續發展,建置明亮的尋路系統,展現中原以光導引師生的用心。 指標系統涵蓋校門形象:透過識別規範與編號,豎立智慧之光,賦予各校門獨有個性,凸顯會面點並成為打卡熱點。地圖繪製建築立體化、方位轉向、建築編碼,現在位置與最近校門能被快速辨識。色彩計畫分知性A、能量B和溫馨C三校區。虛實整合:運用數位科技串連實體指標與QR碼系統,方便訪客確認方位和規劃路線。拱門造型指標緬懷舊校門之深遠意涵。標示牌依人體工學制定高度及大小,夜間佐以光照,除增添安全亦象徵中原愛與溫暖的傳承。

Inspired by the Chung Yuan Christian University’s founding philosophy of "Faith, Hope, Love”, the design team transforms faith wisdom into a wayfinding concept, embodies the realm in “God's words are the guidance of life” through design thinking that applies subtractive design, aesthetics integration, user-friendly campus and concept of sustainable development, and creates a clear wayfinding system with light on campus, showing CYCU’s heartfelt intention to guide teachers and students in success. The scope of smart aesthetic wayfinding system covers I, Images of school gates -Through a unified visual identity guidelines with number coding, the light of wisdom is erected at each gate; in addition, every gate becomes a check-in hot spot for meeting together at a certain gate will no longer be a confusion. II, The site plan - Illustrated with three-dimensional buildings, different direction turning versions, and the building code allow the current location and the nearest school gate to be quickly identified. III, Color system for 3 campuses, e.g. Knowledge A, Energy B and Warmth C. IV, Integration of virtual and real wayfinding - The use of digital technology connects the physical site with a QR code system to facilitate route planning from outside the school to and on the campus. The arched shape signage cherishes the history of the old school entrance. Size and height of signage design follow principles of universal design, equipped with night lighting not only to add safety, but also to carry on CIRCUs tradition of love and warmth.






指標 Wayfinding